Pallet Recovery for Reuse

You could benefit considerably, both commercially and environmentally, by B M Pallets collecting your pallets for reuse.

B M Pallets supplies wooden pallets, but our service excels in the collection of your pallets for them to be prepared for reuse.


B M Pallets operates a simple process, expertly implemented to generate the best packaging cost savings for your company. B M Pallets will collect your pallets from your customer. Once collected and delivered to the B M Pallets site, our fully qualified team sort and inspect the pallets, repair any damage and prepare them for reuse. Pallets that cannot be reused will either be recycled or used for energy recovery.

Reusing good pallets multiple times delivers both commercial and environmental benefits to your business. A reconditioned pallet can be supplied at up to 50% of the price of a new replacement and by reusing you are complying with the EU Waste Framework Directive. As part of the waste hierarchy, reuse comes above recycling and energy recovery, promoting sustainability.

You only pay once your pallets have been delivered back to your site for reuse, ensuring no financial risks and minimal effort to achieve fantastic economical and environmental savings.

From start to finish B M Pallets co-ordinates the entire collection process. B M Pallets takes the time and effort required away from your business so you can concentrate on your core activities. Let B M Pallets save you time, money and the environment.


Pallet Reuse vs. Pallet Recycling

Collecting pallets for reuse can easily be confused with pallet recycling. According to legislation, recycling is turning an existing product into a new usable product. That would mean pallet recycling could include turning the wooden pallet boards into shelving, using a pallet to build a composting area or a complete transformation could be making garden furniture. None of these options are using the pallet in its original intended use, to carry goods.

If you wish to use the pallet multiple times for its intended use of transporting goods this is called pallet reuse. Reuse of an item is when the item retains its original intended use and is reused more than once, much like a glass milk bottle.