B M Pallets can manage your pallet requirements whether it is the supply of new or reconditioned pallets, pallet collections for reuse, pallet recycling or how to manage wood waste.

Wooden pallets are used daily throughout the UK and the world, having a substantial influence on the way materials and products are distributed, stored and handled.


Pallet Supply

For new or reconditioned used pallets B M Pallets can supply the correct pallet that meets your individual requirements and at competitive prices. For the best supply options click 'Pallet Supply' above for more information on a pallet delivery.


Pallet Recovery for Reuse

B M Pallets can arrange to collect your pallets from your customers and prepare them for reuse. B MPallets follows a simple process, expertly implemented to collect, sort and inspect used pallets, then repair them ready to be returned for reuse. Pallets that cannot be reused will either be recycled or used for energy recovery. Using good pallets multiple times delivers both commercial and environmental benefits to your business.


Pallet Site Collections

B M Pallets can collect unwanted used pallets from your site and in many cases can provide an income stream for your business as rebates can be given for good, reusable pallets. B M Pallets carries out used pallet collections on a local basis so you have one point of contact rather than several companies, making your pallet collections straightforward and hassle-free.


Pallet Pooling Systems

To encourage the environmental reuse of wooden pallets many businesses use a pallet pooling system. Pallet pools are often standardised and do not always fit business requirements as part of a suitable packaging management system. B M Pallets can implement a bespoke pallet pool, expertly managed to ensure full control and help save your business money and improve environmental credentials.

We keep a large stock of a new and used pallets, if you would like a quote on pallet supplies or discuss your requirements further please call on 01536 264460 or email us at [email protected].

We also offer pallet and paper recycling along with a full site management contract where we will take care of all your resources from plastic, cardboard, wood haulage and more. Read More about our Site Management Contracts »