B M Pallets buys Surplus, Redundant, or Non-returnable Pallets.

We collect and hand-sort materials and supply a detailed breakdown of the pallets collected – listing the value of good pallets purchased, quantity of scrap pallets for recycling.

We buy all standard sizes plus plastic pallets, metal cages and stilliges.  For small quantities you can deliver to us at your own convenience.

Arrangements can be made to collect and repair customers own pallets.


We Buy All Sizes of Good Quality & Repairable Pallets

For customers producing larger quantities of recycled pallets we can supply curtain-sided stand trailer services to meet their on-site needs.

Customer accounts are available for monthly payment of invoices, traceability of stock, environmental reports and overall convenience. Account customers are able to deliver as many pallets as they want as often as they like, ideal for truckers who have to offload pallets before they go on to collect their next load.

Accounts are also available for transport companies wishing to unload space on their vehicles when in our area.

B M Pallets Services Explained

Wooden Pallets in Manchester UK Trained drivers running liveried vehicles

Wooden Pallets in Manchester UK Collection & Delivery services with multi-site collections & deliveries direct into a modern, efficient & well-run site considered by our customers to be one of the best in the UK

Wooden Pallets in Manchester UK Loads sorted & graded to assist with Packaging Waste Regulations & full Duty of Care compliance

Wooden Pallets in Manchester UK Strict compliance to Waste Carrier, H&S (in a smoke-free environment), Fire, Trading Standards & Insurance regulations

Wooden Pallets in Manchester UK Management Information Systems providing detailed breakdowns of the quality & quantity of pallet stock recovered for your ease-of-invoicing

Wooden Pallets in Manchester UK All waste wood generated through our process is supplied for chipping/shredding and converting into animal bedding, chipboard manufacture and power generation. We operate a strict “Zero to Landfill” policy for all stock we handle.

Your redundant ‘waste’ pallets could be worth more than you think when traded with the
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