B M Pallets can supply you with the pallets you need. If you are looking for where to buy new or reconditioned wooden pallets you have come to the right place. B M Pallets has the expertise to coordinate prompt deliveries to your site and ensure you are using the most effective pallet size and specification.


New Pallets

B M Pallets can supply you with new pallets. B M Pallets provides expertise on pallet specifications and offers advice on pallet design and manufacture to ensure the best possible solution. B M Pallets supports UK wooden pallet manufacturers ensuring the best possible prices, economic sustainability and environmental benefits.

To promote sustainability B M Pallets could implement a process for your pallets to be collected from your customers and returned to your site for reuse. This can be done at a considerably lower price than buying new pallet replacements and encourages sustainability through commercial and environmental savings. It also encourages a circular economy as the reuse of packaging, such as used pallets, preserves raw materials and reduces wood waste.


Reconditioned Pallets

B M Pallets can supply reconditioned pallets providing your business with a more environmentally sustainable pallet solution. Reusing a pallet helps to preserve virgin materials and reconditioned pallets can be supplied at a lower price compared to new replacements.

The B M Pallets service of pallet reuse and recycling ensures that all pallets are inspected, sorted and repaired back to full working specification so you have the confidence that they are ready for you to use immediately and they are all fit for purpose.

With a wide selection of wooden pallets available B M Pallets will be able to supply you with exactly what you want.