What is Biomass?

recycled_pallets_biomassBiomass is a material sourced from living or recently living organisms (like trees or grass). In terms of energy, using biomass is a highly sustainable and suitable practice for a wide variety of energy needs. One of the main benefits of using biomass for energy is the fact that biomass takes carbon from the atmosphere while it grows, and returns it upon being burned. This produces a “closed carbon cycle” and does not increase the atmospheric CO2 levels.

When biomass is sourced from sustainable and re-usable practices such as harvesting and re-planting forests, recuperating used materials (wood pallets, mill ends etc.) and the practice of environmentally friendly forestry and agriculture practices; it provides truly eco-friendly energy sources.

Unlimited Potential

After hydro power, biomass is the second most important source of renewable energy in the uk, offering huge potential. The re-use of all wood-based waste could supply this country with its entire ethanol requirements. That’s an immense potential for making a positive impact on our environments climate issues.

B M Pallets’s Contribution to Biomass Production

When wooden pallets or crates are no longer usable and beyond repair; they can be broken down for the production of other products such as animal bedding, wood chips for heating or particleboard production. Because this process contributes to minimizing the use of non-renewable fossil fuels, B M Pallet’s recuperation and recycling program is good for business and good for the environment. Through sensitive and responsible operating practices, we ensure minimal impact on the environment and a small carbon footprint.
We invite you to join is in re-cycling your used wooden packaging for biomass production. Give us a call to find out how. 01536 264460.