Plastic Pallets For Sale

B M Pallet Services in Northamptonshire specialises in selling plastic pallets and recycling wooden pallets. The plastic pallets that we offer are strong, durable and have a much longer life cycle than wooden ones, which is why they have become so popular.

Many companies in the food industry have switched to plastic pallets because they are easier to keep clean. This means that they meet the food industry's hygiene standards, keeping the food edible. The pallets are also splinter and nail free, making them much safer to handle.

When exporting goods, having plastic pallets is a good idea because it eliminates much of the red tape. In some cases, wooden pallets can be rejected by customs if the wood used is not native to the region. This is because the wood could damage the ecosystem, which would create some long-term problems. This is never a problem with plastic pallets, since they meet the important regulations of every country on Earth.

Plastic pallets are mold, water, chemical and infestation resistant, so you do not have to worry about where you store them after purchase. They can be left outside for long periods without you having to worry about decay or other issues that apply to wood.

The plastic pallets from Brian Martin Pallets can be used to ship nearly anything because they are light, durable and will stand up against all kinds of abuse. While you might pay more per pallet, you can be certain that they will last longer than any wooden pallet on the market.